United Automobile Services (UAS) was founded in 2006 has Automotive Window Film Specialists and was appointed a 3M Automotive Window Films Applicators. Over the years the company has grown from just a window film applicator to an automotive product sole distributor in the performance and car accessories market. Being in the automotive trade for over a decade, Founder of the UAS is not a stranger to the automotive industry. He was able to create a sturdy and fast foundation with the good products of 3M and a with good service team. With the back ground of the company UAS is also capable in providing Window film installation training workshop for dealers.

In 2007, UAS moved to 18 Boon Lay Way Level 4 Unit 109, Tradehub 21 from Commonwealth Ave. An upgraded from a small rental shop of a 300 sqft to currently our own workshop of 2 Units of 1765 sqft and a warehouse at TradeHub 21. We have grown to become one of the leading Automotive Product Distributor in Singapore. With our strength and close ties with the local automotive industry, UAS is confident of in bringing more suitable products to ours customers, creating a one stop shop for ours clients.

Technical & Technology
UAS always keep up to date with the market’s new Technical and Technology in all our product and services.
Constantly we sent our technician and staff for training locally or oversea with ours principals and partners. 

Quality & Productivity
Quality is enforce in our daily routine work for all our services and product. UAS care about our customer and we constantly look out for any potential quality issues and always resolve the issues immediately. Invest in New equipment and get new ideas from our staff for improvement are always encouraged.

Safety and assurance 
Staff benefit and safety is always our top priority to keep every staff safe, UAS will provides all necessary safety courses and equipment.


United Automobile Services

18 Boon Lay Way, Tradehub 21 #04-109, 
Singapore 609966

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