BACTAKLEEN was first introduced in 2008 with the aim of improving the air
that we breathe. Everyone talks about dust and pollution in the air but no
one talks about bacteria and fungus in the air especially when coming from
the air conditioning system.
Thesimple fact remains that the air conditioning systemharbors millions of
bacteria and fungus spores that are harmful to humans and regularly is a
catalyst to spread illnesses.Thetraditional way of cleaning air conditioning
systemsare focused on removed physical dust and dirt but no one has even
considered cleaning the air conditioner to remove bacteria and fungus.
In countries that have humid conditions the bacteria and fungus growth are
much greater and pose a greater threat to the health of the occupants in the
building or the car. Problemssuchas Legionnaires disease are particularly
common in humid environments where the moisture promotes the breeding
of bacteria and fungus. All air conditioners have this inherent problem and
prior to the introduction of Bactakleen’s Ultra Mist there was no
solution to treat this problem.
Bactakleen’s non-toxic proprietary technology is the first in the world to
provide an adequate solution to provide cleaner air in an air conditioned
environment. Tested by world recognized laboratories such as SGS and
TUV,Bactakleen’sUltra Mist solution is provento kill 99.99999%of bacteria
and fungus.
Thedelivery method works extremely efficiently to get into every nook and
cranny of the air conditioner systemand kill the bacteria and fungus with
the added benefit of killing bacteria and fungus in the room or the car cabin
together. Thisdelivery method savestime and money as one application will
cover a wide area. Unlike traditional spray and wipe applications which
cannot reach many tiny or obscure places, the Ultra Mist will float to the
tiniest of crack and is able to penetrate fabric and porous surfaces to kill
bacteria and fungus. Bactakleen’sUltra Mist is also tested by Chemlab for
durability. It was proven by Chemlab that after 1 treatmentusing Ultra Mist,
the bacteria and fungus will only start to grow back at a much reduced
rateafter 2 months.
Since the introduction of Bactakleen’s Ultra Mist the expansion and
recognition of the product and brand has gone from strength to strength.


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