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Layered Sound™ is a patented, innovative method of using two types of loudspeakers- conventional cone and Distributed Mode (flat-panel). Each type of speaker has a natural strength. Layered Sound fully exploits these strengths to produce a uniquely superior and natural sound. It also simultaneously masks the respective weaknesses of the two types of speakers.


Experience the Unusual Sound with Layered Sound Car Audio System!

The correct balance between direct and reflected sound is very desirable. When we listen to acoustic instruments in a concert space, we hear a blend of direct and reflected sounds. This combination creates the immersive effect we all enjoy and instinctively recognize as a natural sound. Unfortunately, conventional loudspeakers do not provide good reflected sound due to destructive interference and DM loudspeakers do not provide good direct sound due to their diffuse nature of transmitting sound. Not every loudspeaker is ideal for generating both direct and reflected sounds. However, conventional loudspeakers are well suited for direct sound and Distributed Mode loudspeakers are well suited for reflected sound. By combining these speaker designs according to the principles of Layered Sound, air disturbance patterns are created that physically emulate the sound waves of acoustic instruments, a natural sound. As a result, Layered Sound provides smooth diffusion, clarity and depth.

Some of the common problems associated with large spaces are related to clarity, diffusion, and frequency response. Layered Sound is particularly effective at smoothing frequency response and creating a blanket of diffuse and evenly dispersed sound. It also maintains or improves the imaging and the localization of sounds. The result is a marked improvement in clarity, intelligibility and overall sound quality. This improvement is independent of whether the sound source is live, recorded or a mix of the two.

Layered Sound is the term used to describe the process of combining a conventional and a distributed mode loudspeaker, to produce the same audio signal. This combination, when used in the correct configuration, delivers to the listener sound that is clear, spacious, better imaged and more pleasant to listen to.



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