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Allows you to clean your vehicle without water. Can be used on all exterior vehicle surfaces, from paint, to plastic, chrome, glass, metal, rubber, wheels etc. 

3M Waterless Wash & Wax (16 ounce)

SKU: 051131391109
  • 3M Waterless Wash & Wax is for cleaning light dirt and dust on all exterior surfaces including glass, paint, chrome, plastic and metal. It should not be used to clean heavy dirt, mud, tar, or grime as cleaning aggressive dirt or grime without the use of water can cause scratching on paint. 

    Do not apply in direct sunlight and for best results, follow directions for use below (also see can label), work in manageable sections at a time, and use multiple clean microfiber or soft cloths to continually work with a clean section to avoid scratching paint with dirt being removed. Excellent for use in regions or environments where water conservation is critical, as this product requires no use of water.

    Performance Properties

    • Cleans 2 to 3 full average sized vehicles (up to 3 to 5 vehicles, according to product application testing)
    • No water required, easy spray on, wipe off cleaning
    • Wipes away easily for streak-free finish
    • Sprays out as white foam with uniform generous coverage making it easy to clean up and avoid residue from any missed spots
    • Foaming formula clings for great cleaning on vertical surfaces with no mess
    • Contains silicone for a glossy, smooth finish left after cleaning that beads water better than 3M Car Wash Soap

    Directions for Use

    For cleaning light dirt and dust on all exterior surfaces including glass, paint, chrome, plastic and metal.

    For best results, apply in shade or out of direct sunlight.

    • Remove any heavy mud or dirt that may be on your vehicle before applying
    • Shake well before using
    • Working on a section at a time, lightly mist onto vehicle, then immediately wipe with clean microfiber cloth until streak-free
    • As towel becomes soiled, fold and turn towel over to use unsoiled section. For best results, use multiple microfiber cloths or soft terry towels.
    • Easy touch-ups : Wipe again with a dry microfiber cloth or reapply a light spray and wipe off.
      •   Light duty detailing, such as to remove light dust, pollen, and such
      •   Maintaining vehicle with light dirt or dust in regions where water conservation is critical
      •   Touch-up light, easy cleaning between deep cleaning/car washes
      •   Product contains silicone, not body shop safe