T.M.WORKS is the expert in automotive electrical equipment mainly to develop and manufacture engines' ignition management product 100% made in Japan.

T.M.WORKS, the Master of Engine Ignition Tuning insisted handmade in Japan for high quality assurance, NOW with Plug N Play Solution for daily application to optimize your driving pleasure.
T.M.WORKS tuning products developed in the hometown of famous Fuji Speedway International Racing Circuit. 
With its long term involvement/experience in motorsport racing and patented technology, the Master of Engine Ignition Tuning - T.M.WORKS only tuner in the world that offers the most complete Plug N Play tuning solution for engine ignition system, from professional race tuning to daily street driving.



Electrical equipment division (Development, manufacturing, wholesale & sale of Electrical equipment, Ignite REV, Ignite VSD, G-Conductor, Shield Plug Cord, Powered Earth Cable, Super Main Cable, Battery Stabilizer). T.M.Works is the expert in automotive electrical equipment mainly to develop and manufacture engines' ignition management product 100% made in Japan. Products T.M.Works:
+ SuperEco SE Pulser
+ Direct Power Harness
+ Powered Earth Cable
+ Ignite VSD alpha 16V
+ Ignite VSD alpha CI
+ Hyper Direct Coil
+ MSI Multi Sparks Ignition System
+ DME TUNE Type A OBD Tuning Kit
+ High-Performance Exhaust System
+ Performance Monitor/Meter/Gauge





SE Pulser

Not your average voltage stabilizer, SE Pulser help to improve the performance and longevity of your battery lifespan by controlling the sulfation effect of the battery.


  • Extends lead-acid battery lifespan by using state-of-art pulse technology to control sulphation.


  • Improve charging system efficiency

  • Prolong battery lifespan

  • Fuel saving

  • Better engine response

  • Restore headlamp brightness

OBD Tuning Plug and Play

This product is compatible with all vehicles equipped with the OBD 2 port such as gasoline vehicles, hybrid vehicles, LPG, and diesel vehicles.
※ power & torque in the low to mid range rpm can be expected.
※ fuel adjustment mapping, ignition timing, intake air volume, intake air temperature, air flow values, throttle position and transmission ECU, etc. will be analyzed and then optimized by the programmed installed.
※ it can be installed to all manual transmission, AT transmission, CVT transmission, DTC transmission vehicles.
※ The Type A OBD tuning kit, when connected to the specific vehicle, it could not be transferred to another vehicle as the connected vehicle's parameters will be saved in the program of the OBD tuning kit.
※ This product does not rewrite the ECU, if your want to revert back to stock condition just simply remove the product from the OBD port before going back for maintenance service or warranty purposes. It will be untraceable once removed.
※ If anything other product is connected to the OBD port, it can't be used at the same time as it might interfere with the program installed in the tuning kit. Warranty of the Type A will be voided if it is installed simultaneously with other OBD products.





Top Seller

Factory plug coil required 12V of electricity in order to have the recommended spark, but factory ignition have cause up to 0.8V voltage lost which will increase due to aging.

T.M Works help provide recommended voltage with very minimum voltage loss (max 0.2V voltage lost).

  • Improve Horsepower

  • Improve Fuel Consumption

  • Plug and Play

  • Improve Torque

Improve Voltage to 16V

Help increase the voltage your factory ignition harness receive from 12V to 16V.

  • Improve the performance of your car

  • Prevent down of power when using air condition

  • Prevent down of power if your car equip with big ICE

  • Prevent down of power when using electric power steering

VSD Cables nedd to go along with this.





16V Voltage Stabilizes

Help provide steady supply of electric power to ignition coil, even for a car that provide high voltage to its ignition coil or have a very sensitive ignition coil such as European Car.


  • Regulates & stabilizes power supply to ignition coil.

  • Decreases current consumption on battery or charging system.

  • Compliments and Improves VSD alpha 16V effects.


  • Maximizes the performance of VSD series

  • Significantly reduce spiking load on the battery

  • Protects ignition coil from input voltage spikes (especially on continental cars)

This device work well if install together with Ignite VSD Alpha 16V

Multiple Sparks Ignition


  • Produces up to 3 sparks per compression stroke depends on engine rpm


  • Vastly improve combustion efficiency

  • Increases Low to mid RPM range torque

  • Reduces fuel consumption

  • Reduces harmful emission





Handmade Performance Coil

Stock ignition coil cannot provide stable spark because spark occurs aren't reach to the Saturation current from Middle and high rev level. Also, in the turbo car and high pressure engine might occur lost fire phase in high rev level.

Hyper direct coil can achieve close to saturation current value because of start efficiency improve of first current.
It established the state combustion to get a stronger spark and prevents lost fire at the high rev level. With filtering effect to remove unnecessary noise, hence realized stable spark to high rev level.

It is also possible to reduce the toxic substance(CO/HC) by improving combustion efficiency.

High product quality made in Japan and Europe with reasonable price

HPC is producing ignition coils that show an increase in secondary current, if compared to OEM ignition coils. 
This increase in spark current is done on purpose to increase combustion efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and emissions slightly.
In the case of the graph on the website, the increase is from 56.0 mA for the OEM coil to 78.6 mA for the HPC. 
This is an increase of about 40 % for the spark current.

Product features

- With HPC, a standard output voltage of 25kV or 25000V can be achieved making it an advantage and reliable product to be used.

- As HPC has the similarity design as standard manufacturer’s ignition coil, it can last longer up to *160,000km if paired with iridium tipped spark plugs that is normally used in most of the modern vehicles with direct ignition system.
*Please take note that this might be achievable if scheduled maintenances are perform accordingly and healthy engine conditions are maintained.



DYNO Chart Using HPC
Secondary current HPC
High-Performance Coil
Hyper Direct Coil
Alpha 16v
SE Pulser
Type A

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