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Keep the Exterior of Your Car Looking As Good As New.

Complete the experience with 3M™ Paint Coating Protection to give your car the flawless shine it deserves and maintenance will be a breeze! Protecting your car’s gloss and paint for longer.

2-Layers 3M™ Paint Coating Protection

Cutting Edge Coating Technology

Easy maintenance 3M™ Paint Coating Protection provides a high water repellency property which allows any liquids to glide off effortlessly. Thus it reduces the chance of water marks from the Rain Water from etching into car body paint.

High durable protection 3M™ Paint Coating Protection leaves a layer of crystallized silica which protects your car from the external weather conditions and UV rays that damage the colour of the car body paint.

3M™ Paint Coating Protection forms a long lasting silica layer above your car’s painted surface. It protects your car from rain and sun damage, making your car surface a breeze to clean!

3M™ Paint Coating Protection ULTIMATE PACKAGE
Ultimate Package From: $488/- (5-7 Hrs)
  • Full Exterior 3M Shampoo Car Wash
  • 3M ClayBar Decontamination Process
  • 3M Compound Polish and Wax; up to 3 Stages
  • Interior Leather Conditioning, Vinyl Care Treatment & Vacuum
  • Chemical Scrub Rims Cleansing
  • Premium Tyre Shine Application
  • Engine Compartment Detailing
  • Windscreen/Windows/Mirrors Chemical Cleansing
  • 3M Windscreen Coating (Hydrophobic Properties)
  • 3M Paint Coating Protection (Maintain that Showroom Shine)